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    Every mother is hunger for sleep after giving birth to their babies. Babies rely on liquid milk and digest quickly and they always cry for hunger in the middle of the night. Usually, they need feeding once or twice every night at least and even 4 or 5 times at most. Frequent night feeding makes mothers exhausted. With the help of LUSN SMART Constant Temperature Milk Mixer, night feeding becomes easy and less annoyed.


    Water temperature is the key point for formula. The high temperature sensors technology developed by South China University of Technology can guarantee the temperature sensing accurate to ±1℃ in 24 hours , and avoid the constantly boiling water. With its help, there is no need to feel the water temperature over and over again and it only takes 30 seconds to finish the formula mixing.

    For babies, safety is a must and first. All materials for LUSN SMART Constant Temperature Milk Mixer are environmentally friendly, including the thick high borosilicate glass, food-grade PP shell free of BPA and anti-dumping deep base.

    You need special water for formula mixing? For LUSN SMART Constant Temperature Milk Mixer, the answer is no. You can choose the tap water or purified water as you prefer. If you choose the tap water, it can remove chlorine and other harmful materials quickly to purify the water for your reliable formula mixing.


    What about the complicated operation? For LUSN SMART Constant Temperature Milk Mixer, the answer is no. It adopts the touch button operation mode, the temperature button is obvious and the operation is simple and safe with anti-dry-heating protection. It has the auto memory function, which means even it is turned off or power off, it can still remember the last working mode automatically, no need to reset.

    The humanized night light is specially designed for night formula. You can put the mixer near the bed. When it stands still, it is a little soft night-light. When it is lifted up, it will enlarge the illumination scope automatically for your formula mixing without disturbing others’ sound sleep. 


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