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    Breastfeeding is a very important milestone for you and your little one. It is not enough to rely on breastfeeding only, and you need breast pump’s stimulus to keep sufficient milk flow. LUSN Broadbean Baby Electric Frequency Conversion Breast Pump, co-developed by China and Japan, brings you brand new expression experience most likely breastfeeding.


   1.Frequency conversion technology, No pain expression

    LUSN identifies the 2 key steps to effective breast milk expression – lactation and expression. Every combination of suction and release can be divided into almost 100,000 tiny unit, like tens of thousands massage on the breast, which allows mothers to express their breast milk comfortably, maximize milk flow in the shortest time in the most natural way.

    2. Invention patents       

    Full-Fit simulated silicon technology with invention patent, with the air pressure regulating hole on the top and the sucking area on the bottom, make expression process most likely to natural breastfeeding.


 3.Safe material

    We all understand the importance of breastfeeding and every mother‘s concern on safety. All materials which contact breast milk are imported, free of BPA to ensure safety from the very beginning. Meanwhile, PPSU bottles is high temperature –resistant, more stable in characters and higher in price. It is suitable for boiling, steam and ultraviolet disinfection.

    4.Automatic memory

    While working, it begins with lactation mode. After 2 minutes’ running, it enters into expression mode automatically. It can also automatically remember the last use of different levels of suction power and speed of lactation and expression. For example, you choose the level 3 for lactation and the level 4 for expression last time, when you restart the machine, it will adjust itself automatically into the same level as last time.

    5.Long duration and portable

    Its mini size and long duration make it portable and the pocket prolactin division . It supports 250 minutes’ continuously work when fully charged. It is the best choice for mothers who are frequently on the go.

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LUSN MiniQ Electric Frequency Conversion Breast Pump


LUSN MiniQ pr Electric Frequency Conversion Breast Pump

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LUSN X1 Electric Frequency Conversion Breast Pump



LUSN X2 Electric Frequency Conversion Breast Pump


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