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    On 30th September, LUSN won the Gold Award for quality in maternal and infant products in the Gold Wheat Award-the Oscar Academy Awards of E-commerce industry.

    Dear mothers, good news to you all!

    As the most influential and authoritative e-commerce award in China, Gold Wheat Award is regarded as the Oscar Academy Awards of E-commerce industry. Since 2016, it has been devoted to promoting the quality improvement in the e-commerce industry. In 2018, its certification model has been upgraded in an all-round way to promote the establishment of quality standards, which is higher than national standards. Through the strict quality review, LUSN, together with Johnson & Johnson, TEN-M JOURNEY, BRITAX and other giant enterprises in mother and infant industry won the Gold Award, which means a lot for LUSN.


    LUSN considers “maternal and infant supplies, safe LUSN” as her operation values since her establishment. LUSN insists on the operation philosophy of "Great Efforts Make Great Products”, in pursuit of providing more reliable maternal and infant products for families.

    Committed to driving quality revolution in the maternal and infant products industry, besides in compliance of relevant national laws, regulations and industry standards, LUSN builds comprehensive quality control system of 4 stages 0 defect stages and 5 whole technological process. Though maternal and infant electrical appliances are considered to be short life cycle, 100% products of LUSN are manufactured through back-to-back test to guarantee their reliability. The concept of high quality works in every procedure, including R&D, production, transportation and after-sale service. Quality comes as the first priority, when it is conflict with cost, output, efficiency and delivery.

    LUSN selects safe and high quality materials worldwide for babies. For example, thermal insulation tableware is made of Japanese SUS 316L stainless steel. The slow recovery pillow interior is so natural and safe where beans can grow. The newly launched LUSN popular series-moist wipe has passed the American Cotton Certification and the irritation test of national authoritative organization and is available for hands and mouth. On the first launching day, the sale is up to more than 3000 sets and a lot of repurchase continues.  

    The R&D of maternal and infant electrical appliances remains the top priority in LUSN, on which 6 million RMB have been input, 5 invention patents and 17 utility model patents have been accepted. As the key product, the electrical breast pump has been co-developed by LUSN and Japanese experts after having investigated hundreds of mothers, consulted dozens of famous doctors and professors and received more than 100 customer experiences. The suction frequency conversion technology of the breast pump can divides every suction and release unit into 100,000 microsecond units and makes the most comfortable suction curve. It was launched in October of 2018 in JDcom.



    Starting with safety, being Customer-centric, being loyal to high quality and innovation, staying gold and loyal to dreams, LUSN is committed to providing safe choice for mothers and babies.

    LUSN believes that quality is the kingly way to win consumers and markets and great efforts make great products.

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